Honoring Hunger Games Fans

The Biggest Fan Awards™ honors those fans who are the most knowledgeable and dedicated to the Hunger Games.

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Want to Be on the Show?

Are you the biggest Hunger Games Fan?  Prove it and apply to be on the show!

How to Vote

Want to vote for your favorite tribute?  Vote via Twitter.  Our Twitter handle is @biggestfanaward which you can access at twitter.com/biggestfanaward.  We post three separate tweets for each of the finalists.  To vote, retweet the tweet of your favorite person.


Voting will be open until Monday, October 10th at 8:00 PM ET. Whoever gets the most retweets will be the winner. Be sure to vote before then!

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The Competition


  • The Biggest Fan Awards show is a monthly competition. The winner from each month wins a cash prize.
  • The Biggest Fan of the Month finalists will compete for the title of Hunger Games Biggest Fan of the Year.
  • The Biggest Fan of the Year trophy stands fifteen and a half inches tall and is plated in 24 karat gold.  It is designed by the same company that makes the Oscars.
  • The show is broadcast on YouTube.

The Rules

Qualifying Round

All entrants must apply to be on the show.  It includes an audition video and interview.  The top applicants will appear on the episodes.

Round One:  Trivia

In Round One the contestants answer trivia questions. The questions are written by the judges. The contestants with the highest scores advance to Round Two.

Round Two: The Grill Session

During Round Two, the judges will interview the contenders and have free reign to ask any questions they want.  The judges pick the 3 contenders to advance to the Final Round.

Round Three: Appeal to America

Each of the three finalists will have up to one minute to explain why they are the biggest Hunger Games fan. The public then votes for who should be the winner.

The Host

Kimberly Magness

Kimberly is the host of the Hunger Games Biggest Fan Awards show.  A big Hunger Games fan herself, she is excited to see who ultimately wins the Fan of the Year trophy.

She is an actress and model living in New York City.  She has appeared on MTV and in a national commercial for CoverGirl, and she can be seen as a reoccurring guest on shows such as the Today Show, Rachael Ray, and E! News.

The Judges

Crystal Watanabe

Crystal Watanabe is the owner of the Hunger Games fansite Jabberjays.net and won first place in a national Hunger Games trivia challenge where she won a gold Mockingjay pin.  She lives in Hawaii less than ten minutes away from where the Catching Fire arena scenes were filmed.

Jackson Sharpe

Jackson Sharpe appeared in the first Mockingjay movie with his twin brother as a District 5 rebel and was also a stand-in actor for Woody Harrelson.  He is a freelance writer who writes on the Hunger Games and other topics.  He lives in Atlanta, GA where many scenes from the movies were shot.

Dr. Amy H. Sturgis

Dr. Amy Sturgis is a college professor who teaches the Hunger Games at the undergraduate and graduate level.  She received her PhD from Vanderbilt.  Her specialty is in dystopian literature and her article, which covered the Hunger Games, won the 2015 LA Press Club's Magazine column of the year.  She has lectured on the books throughout North America and in Europe and will be one of the academics featured in an upcoming scholarly collection on the Hunger Games.

Legal Disclosures

The Biggest Fan Awards is an independent organization.  It is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Lionsgate, Suzanne Collins, or Scholastic.

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